Velloils Lubricants & Petrochem Ltd. delivers value-driven solutions for industry that are designed to increase efficiency and improve bottom-line performance. Learn more about our Products.

Automotive & Industrial Gear Oils (Velloils EP/ST Gear Lubricant)  
Open Gear Oils - Vellotek  
Hydraulic Oils - Hydrovel  
Sugar Crushing Bearing Oils  
Velloils Rust Preventives Rustvel  
Velloil Cutting Oils ( Water Soluble & Straight ) Velcut  
Velloils Quenching Oils - Quenchvel  
Spindle Oils - Velspin  
Velloils Machine Tool way Oils - Velway  
General Purpose Machine & Bearing Oils - Velmac  
Velloils  Engine Oils (Mono & Multi Grade) - Velloils VLB / VLC   
Rubber Processing Oils - RPO  
Velloils Heavy Duty - Brake Fluid (DOT 3)  
Engine Coolant - Coolvel  
Thermic Oils -  Veltherm  
Velloils Grease - Mutipurpose (AP-3) / Wheel Bearing  / Chassis   
High Temperature Moly Grease / High Temperature  

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