Choice  of  a  proper  quenching  oil  depends  on  the analysis of the steel being treated, the hardness  desired,  the  shape  and  size  of  the  piece,  the  type  and  temperature of the  quenching  system  and  the degree of agitation employed to name a few of the important  variables.

In  general, Velloils Quenchvel 32 and 46 Quenching oils are recommended for heat treating  high  harden ability point steels- those with enough alloy that they will not transform  until  the  Ms  point  is  reached.  The  high  resistance  to  oxidation  of  these oils  provides  uniform  hardening  with  minimum  discoloration,  improved  grain structure  and  longer   bath   life.  Velloils  Quenchvel  V - 32  is formulated type quenching  oil  having  very  high  quality  fatty  oil.  It  has  excellent  surface  wetting characteristics  and  has  a  quenching  speed  higher  than  Velloils  Quenchvel  32  and   46.   Velloils   Quenchvel   V - 32  is   suitable   for  general   purpose  quenching  operation.   It    is   not   recommended   for   quenching   of  cynided   parts.

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